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How many times does Harry have to ask people to stop following him for it to finally sink in that you shouldn’t be stalking him to begin with. It’s a crime. You’re a stranger to him and things can get dangerous. Just stop it already.

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things harry was carrying as he arrived in australia 

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okay louis

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Harry The Pussy Magnet






interview suggestion: sit harry and louis down and make them watch the twitcam they made together I wanna see them sweating

And a bonus round: Make them watch the video diaries.

and the mario kart interview

Don’t forget the Paris interview

um hi - 1D day little things thanks


Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik

loaded-gunn asked for 19k of genderswap (and some very fun playing around with typically gendered terms, because fuck those restrictions), consensual humiliation, wet thighs, exhibitionism in a glass elevator, wet thighs from a very wet cunt, wet thighs, daddy kink and wet thighs and a strap-on dildo attached to a thigh harness.

i can’t explain why i thought her absurd demands deserved to be met


29.7.14 Sarah #1

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Radio 1 Big Weekend | 24.5

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i look at you


looking at me


now i knowimage

why they say


the best thingsimage

are freeimage

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Louis Tomlinson Alphabet